SARASTM – Unified Learning and Assessment Platform


Unified platform that offers various models of teaching

with powerful staged content repository, that delivers collaborative & personalized learning needs backed by strong analytics

Strong learning platform backed by 15+ learning assets & 35+ question assets with performance oriented personalized learning & assessment along with big data analytics.

SARASTM is the choice of 500+ organizations across

24 countries for Learning & Training needs along with 56 business models.


Unparalleled user experience Across Platforms

Web, iOS and Android

SARASTMapplication is adaptable to different operating systems and platform agnostic, which makes user friendly secure mobile environment. The application is modified into custom-made for the benefit of mobility and easy navigation. A system to work across heterogeneous devices facilitates collaboration and helps prevent unmanageable demands for support and contingency.


SARASTM has strong security authentication system

SARASTM focus on methods that are used to implement strong security authentication for online-user identities. Authentication tools such as barcode reader, biometrics, face recognition and secure browsers to name a few. SARAS is dedicated to shield customer's intellectual property, sensitive data and confidential information. In order to achieve the same; we have built appropriate policies and checks across different methodologies. Encryption and decryption of data that makes information secure and prevent from security threats.


Evaluate learners' knowledge level and suggests the course structure to match learner requirements. When a course is completed, skill records are automatically updated for the learner. Based on the requirement analysis of clients, SARASTM products are customized into user friendly applications. SARASTM product is flexible and its robustness makes a solid implementation on any platform across the globe. SARAS application and its specifications on virtual environment puts customer at an ease and better understanding towards the application.

Business - Adoption to cloud

SARAS supports SAAS (Software as a service) model is a way of delivering applications. The provider manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance. Integrating on various applications on different environment is a matter of adaptability and flexibility. SARAS deliveries different applications which is high scalable, mobile compatibility, cloud in built, Strong content security management. It also provides various types of assessments including high stake exams along with the reports.

SARAS allows service of time-varying resource demand and peak loads. Cloud computing provides information to control and adapt the application according to the customer's objectives. Cloud computing providers when given access to necessary information from the application, have a complete view of details to make adaptation more efficient and effective.

Staged content management

Staged content repository system with strong authoring, packaging and delivery. Every content material is associated with rich metadata to segregate, classify, and analyze the existence and usage of content.

Integration/ Interoperability

SARAS integrated with 45 external systems like LTI Complaint, Integration partners, Moodle, IEEE, etc. Interoperability supports different programs to replace data via a common set of exchange formats and to use the similar protocol. Integrating with various platform services and process interoperability makes application virtually reliable.

Reports and Analytics

Measure student engagement and performance, content efficacy

Based on the evaluation and data analytics of different learning objects, various Progressions, Tracking Reports and Grade Book are generated.

SARAS Learning Analytics Module show cases the Users Progression information. The exclusive Reports and the Analytics from different dimensions are aggregated to correlate the Performance with Program Outcomes, Users Expected Outcomes and Competency Skills that are carefully designed to align with the Curriculum Structure.

Product Roadmap

Seamlessly integrate with your existing learning solutions

Perpetuate product roadmap through organization goals, Innovation and market research, internal brainstorms on market needs, prospect requirements and client feedback.

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